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I find Zines to be a great way to explore dense and heavy topics in a short and digestible format, that can be easily shared with others. These zines explore my experiences as a trans, chronically ill person, through joy, frustration and the everyday.

Stillness (2018) is a poetic zine exploring movement, rest and the disabled body. Created during a period of intense physical and mental unrest, it used photocopy artefacting and degradation as a tool to come to terms with the mental anguish surrounding chronic illness.

Someone You Love is Transgender (2022) is a intro zine for loved ones. Initially created as a coming out zine, it is a basic guide and tool for loved ones with general introduction, a few basic terms, do's and dont's for those looking to support their transgender loved ones. 


have you tried? (2023) is a zine about unsolicited health advice, and the frustration as a chronically ill person from constantly navigating the advice of others.

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